Satys Cabin signed a M.O.U. with Eltra Services Beijing


We are delighted to have signed a memorandum of understanding (M.O.U.) with Eltra Services Beijing,  wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus Group, specialized in the aviation components repair and technical support service to airlines in China and Asia-Pacific. ✈

Satys Cabin and Eltra Services Beijing will cooperate in addressing the cabin upgrade market for Chinese and, more broadly, Asia-Pacific airlines, including after-sales maintenance and technical support. The cooperation will provide better localized services and added value to customers, with complementary resources and mutual benefits.

Satys Cabin will be the manufacturer of lavatory assemblies for the D328eco™ regional turboprop from Deutsche Aircraft

German Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Deutsche Aircraft, and Satys Cabin have announced a joint agreement at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg for the supply of lavatory assemblies for the D328eco.

The lavatory assemblies that Satys Cabin will produce for the D328eco will meet the high standards of functionality, reliability and safety required in air transport. Satys’ innovations include touchless options and configurations for passengers with reduced mobility. Satys Cabin is also committed to integrating industrial constraints of Deutsche Aircraft from the design stage to optimize assembly during the cabin-outfitting phase.

The project is headed by CEO and founder of Satys, Christophe Cador. In August 2023, Deutsche Aircraft commissioned Satys Cabin to design and produce the interior fittings for the D328eco. The German OEM has now entrusted Satys Cabin with the production of lavatory facilities for the 40-seater turboprop, which is next generation regional aircraft design for the global market.

The extension of this extension of this partnership confirms the OEM’s confidence and appreciation of its interior supplier.  “We are proud to be associated with the realization of this innovative aircraft, the technical specifications of which attest to Deutsche Aircraft's determination to reduce the carbon footprint of air transport, emphasizes Antoine Gaugler, General Director of Satys Cabin. This ambition is also a priority for Satys Industries, and one that Satys Cabin strives to implement through the products it designs and produces for its customers".

Patricia Ferrari, Director Procurement of Deutsche Aircraft, emphasizes the importance of this partnership: “The industry and technical know-how that Satys Cabin brings, along with the lavatory assemblies, will advance the onboard product quality which will serve the D328eco. We look forward to our long-term collaboration with Satys Cabin”.

Satys Cabin signs contract with Deutsche Aircraft

We are very proud to announce that Satys Cabin signed an exclusive contract to design and produce the interior fittings for Deutsche Aircraft's new regional aircraft: the D328eco, a new-generation 40-seat turboprop due to enter production by 2025.

These interior fittings will be manufactured using a new generation of bio-sourced panels (made from cork and sugarcane residue resin ). They offer the same resistance and durability properties as conventional panels made from fabrics pre-impregnated with phenolic resin and honeycomb. These bio-sourced panels have the great advantage of being much lighter: they generate a mass saving of around 20%, which makes them highly attractive given the impact of weight on fuel consumption.

We would like to thank Deutsche Aircraft for their confidence.

Congratulations to all our teams!

upgraded A380 refurbishment business line

First of Qantas‘ upgraded A380 took off!

Qantas A380 onboard Lounge 

Qantas’ first upgraded A380 with the new cabin welcomed its first passengers today.

We are very proud to have been involved in the manufacturing of the galleys for the new A380’s Qantas Business Suite.

We would like to thank AIS (Airbus Interiors Services) for trusting us to help them on this wonderful project.

Two more A380s (of a total of 12) are scheduled to be refurbished before the end of 2019.

Qantas expects to complete the refurbishment of the remaining 11 aircraft by the end of 2020.

Congratulations to the SIA (Satys Interiors Aerospace) teams!


Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018

At the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018 (AIX) in Hamburg we presented our new identity and our now booth.

Our Business Unit, Satys Interiors, was able to show some tailor-made solutions to VIP and Airlines.

Managing directors with the EASA part 21J certification

Finaero obtains its EASA Part 21J for its interiors division, AIP.

Finaero pursues its development and announces at the Paris Air Show the attribution for its interiors branch, AIP, of EASA’s PART 21J certification.

The interiors branch AIP will now be able to certify its own designs through its recent PART 21J (EASA.21J.561) certification, in addition to its already existing PART 21G (FR.21G.0065) and PART 145 (FR.145.546).

This qualification will enable Finaero to offer its customers an even broader array of interior design services supported by its Roissy Charles de Gaulle design, certification and product office.

We are proud of this accomplishment which rewards our team’s efforts, organization and know-how”, stated Jon Oruezabala, Managing Director of AIP. This new step is in line with Finaero’s already important development plan to diversify its service offering for its customers. Successful milestones these past months for the group also included:

  • Painting & Sealing division, STTS, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of its services, has organized its offering into five worldwide divisions. Three new paint hangars (60m€ investment) are now up and running in Toulouse. The company has equally launched operations in the US, in Portland, Washington State, as well as the construction of a new A380 & VIP paint hangar at the new Dubai South airport.
  • Interiors division, AIP, also recently announced the acquisition of SMTC, the French train interiors specialist, to further extend the group’s aviation interior’s service-offering to the railway sector as well as significantly reinforcing the branch’s production capacities to better serve the aircraft interiors market.
  • Electric division, CIEE, has shown very good progress over the first six months of the 2017 exercise. CIEE is to extend its factory in Thailand which manufactures cables and wire assemblies. The branch is also due to set up operations in the US.

Delivering diversity & quality on-time to our customers remains our number one priority. In order to do so our group has started undergoing a global transformation project underlined by the slogan: 1 group, 1 vision, 1 partner” said Christophe Cador.