& Values

If, since its creation twenty years ago, our group has continued to grow, it has remained faithful to the original commitments that have helped build its success.

Because it is their trust that has ensured our success, we have put customers’ satisfaction at the forefront of our commitments. This ambition requires us to have excellent operational skills, the ability to work as a team and optimal responsiveness.

It is the commitment and involvement of its employees that have written the great story of Satys. That is why our group is committed to valuing women and men and promoting their professional development. Therefore, Satys’ human resource policy focuses on higher education and ongoing training, employee skills development and responsibility within our companies. It is in this spirit that our group created the "Satys Academy" to train its future employees. Within four years, more than 90 people, often in search of work, were trained and then hired as painters.

Satys is also involved with two associations specialized in supporting job seekers. These job seekers are mentored by employees who provide them advice, listen to to them and offer guidance for a successful return to work.

At Satys we create customized solutions for the industries of tomorrow thanks to the commitment and expertise of our employees. We believe in being people-oriented. Well-being, know-how and diversity are the pillars of our responsible and ethical company.


Customers dialog


Innovating to create tailor-made solutions. Synergies & flexibility for long term relationships.


World picture


Continuous improvement & development of innovative technologies.
This is our DNA.


Caring people


Well-being, know-how and diversity, the pillars of a responsible and ethical company.

Gender Equality

As diversity is at the heart of its concerns, SATYS is committed to promoting professional equality between women and men through an HR policy that encourages genuine gender diversity. For the year 2021, the following gender equality ratios were calculated:

- Satys Surface Treatment Marseille: 84/100

- Satys Surface Treatment Toulouse: 82/100

- SPI SUD: 84/100

- SPI WEST: 78/100

These ratios are calculated for the Group's entities with more than 50 employees in France, in accordance with legal provisions (Art. L. 1142-8 of the French Labor Code).


Finally, for Satys, CSR has always been a priority. The group has been built around the quality requirements of industrial facilities, workplace ergonomics and strict compliance with health and environmental safety standards. These requirements are reflected in the deployment of ongoing inspections and continuous improvement, accompanied by awareness-raising efforts and on-site training around the world.


The requirement for quality is in Satys’ DNA

Christophe Cador is convinced that “a quality requirement” is part of Satys’ DNA. “Throughout the world, our employees have a love for work that is well-done and an outstanding level of commitment, even unique, fairly rare, because what we do has a direct link to the customer’s final perception. And even our customers’ customers, meaning plane or train passengers. Our employees are fully aware of the impact of their work,” explains the CEO.

A Get it “right” the first time culture and customer trust

Satys’ other strength comes from its “right the first time” culture. “In painting, unlike other industries, you can’t always make up for any non-conformities. Providing the resources necessary to succeed the first time is a matter of respecting our customers’ trust in us.” In our business, everything is documented but there is still a significant part left to talent, both an individual and a collective expertise. We never forget this human factor”, adds the CEO. “When we know that our customers has entrusted their product to us, which is 99% finished, it’s normal that an obsession with work well-done is in our genes at every level of the company”, points out Christophe Cador.


Improve operational excellence

Satys has become an expert in its flexibility in managing periods of intense activity (primer or paint application) and downtime (drying time). A significant training program for lean management techniques and 6 Sigma has been launched for production personnel and middle management. The purpose is to improve overall operational excellence by empowering the teams to find ways to increase efficiency. “These process improvements are mandatory so that we can constantly challenge ourselves to be more efficient,” confirms the CEO.


Satys obviously has all the certifications required by the industry and its customers. It stands out by its strict application of the ISO 14001 standard, which concerns environmental management. In an environment where prevention of risks (fire, heights and chemicals) is extremely meticulous, Satys regularly organizes during downtimes site decontaminations and invests at the same time in product disposal or in reprocessing greenhouse gases. Satys aims to constantly provide a healthy environment that promotes staff well-being and effectiveness.
DS/EN ISO 13485:2012