Aeronautic Painter



Main Job

Based on the objectives defined by the leader / team leader and in accordance with customer requirements the aeronautical painter prepares surfaces and applies mastic, paint and water repellent.

Main Activities


  • Prepare surfaces to be painted
  • Apply paint in accordance with work instructions
  • Prepare surfaces for overlap between painted areas
  • Prepare for paint touch-ups or small areas (1 liter maximum)
  • Knowledge of paint tools and their correct use
  • Ensure operations carried out are recorded and traceable
  • Participate in the company's continuous improvement process


  • Aeronautical painter with qualifications
  • Check and kit airline specific decorations
  • Work from drawings to apply special decorations
  • On the job tutoring
  • Self-check: non-conformities and find solutions


  • Confirmed aeronautical painter with qualifications for base and varnish fittings for all types of paints and certified to apply airline decorations
  • Touch-ups after varnishing
  • Work from drawings to apply technical markings

Training and Experience


  • High School professional vocational diploma in automobile bodywork
  • Internal training at Satys Academy



  • 1 year in the Satys Academy




  • Knowledge of Safety, Health and Environment rules and regulations.
  • General knowledge of material tools and tooling
  • General knowledge of drawings
  • Knowledge of processes and methods
  • General knowledge aeronautical industry
  • Knowledge of the different types of paints and how to apply them
  • Perform all work according to Satys standards, including quality and safety policies


  • Prepare, paint and varnish a surface
  • Able to carry out visual checks in accordance with project requirements to identity reasons for both non-conformities and successful outcomes
  • Read, understand and apply customer or company procedures
  • Able to tutor or train someone so that all knowledge, know-how, techniques and expertise can be transferred and maintained
  • Create, read and complete an assessment plan, carry out an assessment.
  • Prepare paint, prepare a surface and apply paint


  • Punctual, meticulous, good time management
  • Work without constant supervision, take initiatives within a defined framework of responsibility
  • Cooperate with others and contribute as part of a team or project to achieve a common goal
  • Respond quickly and appropriately to requests, particularly in emergency situations.

Career Opportunities

  • Leader
  • Quality Controller
  • Paint Hangar Manager
  • Field Coordinator