Main Job

Based on the objectives defined by the production manager, the carpenter manufactures monuments in accordance with engineering documentation and task lists.

Main Activities

  • Carry out the work instructions to fabricate composite furnishings

  • Manufacture monuments and monument sets based on engineering documentation provided

  • Ensure that tools and equipment are correctly used

  • Ensure the traceability of the operations carried out

  • Strive for continuous process improvements within the company


Training and Experience


  • Cabinetmaking training or vocational degree in carpentry.


  • 3 years of carpentry experience ideally with an experience in composite materials.




  • Knowledge of Safety, Health, Environment rules and regulation
  • Knows how to work with composite panels
  • General knowledge of carpentry tools
  • General knowledge of drawings
  • Knowledge of wood species and composites
  • Knowledge of the company’s reporting systems
  • Knowledge of specific joinery techniques and their correct use
  • General knowledge of the aeronautic industry



  • Able to read engineering documentation, understand it and implement it
  • Able to read engineering documentation, understand and implement any moving parts
  • Able to read engineering documentation, understand it and build any accessories
  • Able to read engineering documentation, understand and apply customer or company procedures
  • Maintain a clean work environment and detect potential FOD



  • Good interpersonal skills to build relationships with others that is conducive to good communication.
  • Detail oriented, concerned with auditing and inspection so that uncertainties about actions or environment can be reduced.
  • Cooperate with others and contribute to achieving common objectives on a team or for a project.
  • Able to organize and structure the work environment so that an optimal service is provided.
  • Answer requests quickly and appropriately, especially in emergency situations.

Career Opportunities

  • Fitter