New Satys organization

Satys is continuing its reorganization to support its growth.  

Starting on October 15th 2018, the group will be reorganized into 2 business units, Services et Systems, in order to increase the transparency of what we offer, foster synergies, share best practices and better answer our current and future customers.

The different businesses presented at the rebranding last March, have been combined into 2 business units :

-          Satys Services

o   OEM Aircraft Painting

o   Aftermarket & VIP Painting

o   Sub-assemblies Sealing & Painting

o   FAL Sealing

o   Surface Treatment

-          Satys Systems

o   Satys Interiors Aerospace

o   Satys Interiors Rail

o   Satys Electric


Fabien Roualdes, who has been in charge of the support departments since he arrived in January, will become the Group’s Managing Director.